About us

As you might have noticed, we’re huge gaming enthusiasts. When we told everyone Galaxy Games was going to solely focus on developing our own Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality , we noted a few surprised faces.

To us, it’s no surprise. Since the first VR glasses: Oculus Rift, we were completely sold. Virtual Reality offers so many exciting world-building possibilities, it’s a dream. After years of making content for companies, we decided to set up our own games.

Augmented Reality has been around for years but since the AR Kit from Apple we have made a very high end special game: the AR City Game. Interactive city tours that can be played anywhere you want in the world.

Developing our own games is the best thing we could have done for ourselves. We love making people jump up with excitement in the universes we create for them, from the stories we tell. Players enjoying our games – it’s all that counts.

A good variety

You’re right – hunting for zombies shouldn’t be done with the little ones. Next to this, gamers don’t all enjoy murder mysteries and not every person appreciates racing. VR is a shared experience, so we’ve developed a huge selection of types of games. Try and see what suits you!

Unity developers

All of our games are made in Unity. As a proud Unity partner, we get access to the latest updates in technology and storytelling. Yup, we make the coolest games! Want to work with us? We’re always looking for the best Unity developers and interns. Shoot us an email!

Utrecht game city

Our office is located in THE gaming city of the Netherlands: Utrecht. We’re all about sustaining good relationships with other game makers, exchanging experiences and going over new suggestions and cool scenarios. This way, we can create even better games.