VR Escape games for exciting team building activity

Covid-19 and the associated measures have made online team building increasingly important.

Online Escape Games is a new way to play a fun activity online with your colleagues, friends and/or family.

Connect via Zoom, Teams, Skype or WhatsApp and play a challenging escape game together.

The game can be played anywhere, at home or in the office. Via voice and/or video chat you can coordinate all actions, consult and try to solve a murder together.

There are already many online escape games, but not like this one as we use WEB AR (Augmentend Reality), in 4 of the 6 levels the participants can scan a QR-Code and put virtual objects in the room. Everyone has a unique AR object so collaboration is necessary

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How do our VR Escape Games work?


Work in a team with the help of Virtual Reality!

The VR Mini Escape Game is a fantastic virtual reality experience in a team context. For example, solve a murder with your team using VR, exciting props and hidden messages. A groundbreaking experience where communication and collaboration are crucial. You play as a team against other teams. Which team will solve the puzzles first?

What to expect from the VR Mini Escape Games?

After a short explanation you start in groups of 4-6 people. Use the Oculus GO and step into the virtual world. What do you see with the VR glasses and what can you do with that in the real world? With your team you go puzzling, collaborating, trying to make the link between the virtual and real world, finding answers as you go. Collaboration is the key to success, communication is crucial.

A good variety

VR is a shared experience, so we’ve developed a huge selection of types of games. Try and see what suits you!

Unity developers

All of our games are made in Unity. As a proud Unity partner, we get access to the latest updates in technology and storytelling. Yup, we make the coolest games! Want to work with us? We’re always looking for the best Unity developers and interns. Shoot us an email!

Utrecht game city

Our office is located in THE gaming city of the Netherlands: Utrecht. We’re all about sustaining good relationships with other game makers, exchanging experiences and going over new suggestions and cool scenarios. This way, we can create even better games.

Discover what you can earn with our VR Escape Games


Your Earnings£ 500

How many people do you expect to handle in a month?

Prefer a custom made game?

If you would like to have a game based around your own company or area we can provide a game based on your needs and requirements. We have made a variety of custom made games which we can highlight if needed. Get in touch!