Our games

We present to you: An overview of the games you can rent at Galaxy Games. We’re extremely proud to have developed these alternate universes. From hotels with murderous guests to lost pyramids in Egypt, there is no world where you will not end up.

VR Dinergame Murder Game Hotel

Step into this virtual world to find clues, solve tough puzzles and unravel the mystery. At the end of dinner, the truth will appear. Your answers will be reviewed and the winning teams will receive an appropriate gift.


This is the ultimate dream for many gamers: turn off your brain and participate in a good, fun game of racing your friends or colleagues! There are 10 different universes to drive around in and win from your opponents.

National Treasure VR Diner Game

Discover a riddle-filled spectacle! Are you and your fellow dinner guests amazing at solving puzzles and do you want to find the hidden treasure? Jump in!

Tomb Slayer VR

In this Single Player adventure puzzle Game, you are in the shoes of an Archaeologist. After the mysterious disappearance of your colleague you are off to investigate a pyramid in Egypt.

AR Citygame

Our AR Citygame is a real-life escape room experience, blended with a good dose of Augmented Reality! You and the other players will have to navigate a compelling story while solving challenging puzzles together.

VR Multiplayer Zombie Shootergame

Always wanted to be immersed into the world of zombies and save the day? This is your chance. Go in deep with 4-6 friends or colleagues and shoot those zombies down before they get you…