AR City Game: Halloween

Finally, it’s Halloween again. The time of horror and creep.

It can be a little scary. With this city game you immediately get the feeling of Halloween. You must therefore also have a strong stomach and be able to handle it.

It is cold and a bit dirty outside. Still, you want to play a city game with a team in the city. Perfect! Then you are in the right place.

Experience Halloween like never before with this city game. You will find out why we are celebrating Halloween, you will be scared and see things that you did not know beforehand if you wanted to see them.

With your team you go through GPS with an Ipad and a suitcase with gadgets via GPS points. There is an escape room-like question behind every GPS point. It is really a challenging city game.

Do you dare?

The Ultimate AR Citygame

License Basis

How many people can play this game?
2-200+ persons

For whom?
For everyone who loves escape games

The game has been developed for the IOS and Android.

The price is €8.500 per year ex VAT. The game can be purchased under license.

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