AR City Game: La Casa de Dinero

Want to see the best places in the city and play your favorite serie? It is now possible!

La Casa de dinero the AR city game. Can it be even more fun?

La Casa de Deniro is based on the intriguing story of the popular Netflix series La Casa de Papel. Let El Professor guides you and plan the robbery on the Bank carefully. Work together and make no mistakes! The police are very alert and keeps an eye on everything. Work on a watertight plan to get into the bank and an even better plan to get out of it with all that money!

El Professor wants to know if he works with the best team. To find out, he placed a number of questions in the city. Answer the questions and go rob the Bank together.

Tengo muchas ganas de trabajar juntos.

El Profesor


The Ultimate AR Citygame

License Basis

How many people can play this game?
2-200+ persons

For whom?
For everyone who loves escape games

The game has been developed for the IOS and Android.

The price is €8.500 per year ex VAT. The game can be purchased under license.

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This is the ultimate dream for many La Casa de Dinero lovers. Work with El Professor and go into the bank without violence.

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