AR City Game: Undercover

We all know them. The men of the quick money. The men with the beautiful cars, large houses and beautiful young women.

What do they do it from … Drugs, all illegal trade.

The big question for the police therefore is. Who are these men and where is their supply hidden?

Follow Marco V. during this city game. A drug criminal who flooded the Netherlands with his drugs and aggression against his competitors.

Your goal is clear. To take Marco V, you have to take his supply. Then he can’t go anywhere. Together with your team you go armed with an Ipad and a suitcase full of gadgets into the city in search of hints where the stock can be. Who helps Marco V. He or she can give you a hint.

It is a race against the clock. If Marco V. finds out that you are looking for his supply, it is over.

Find the location where Marco V. is in stock and win.


The Ultimate AR Citygame

License Basis

How many people can play this game?
2-200+ persons

For whom?
For everyone who loves escape games

The game has been developed for the IOS and Android.

The price is €8.500 per year ex VAT. The game can be purchased under license.

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