Are you also crazy about this popular Netflix Series? Experience it yourself now!

Let El Professor guide you, break into the bank and take the money with you. El Professor teaches you how to get the job done, he always looks over your shoulders and keeps you from mistakes. Everything has been thought out, this plan is error-free, a bank robbery without violence. We will be seen as heroes.

This escape game is all about team building. By working together you defeat the levels and you have a chance of winning. Communication is the key to success. What do you see in VR and what does the rest see to beat the puzzles.

Beat the clock and take the money.

License Basis

How many people can play this game?
Multiplayer VR Game for 4-6 people per team up to 200+ persons.

The game has been developed for the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest

Price on request

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