National Treasure VR Escape Game

Discover a riddle-filled spectacle! Are you and your fellow dinner guests amazing at solving puzzles and do you want to find the hidden treasure? Jump in!

More about this game:
Climb higher and higher, level per level, to get to the end of this mysterious dinner game. You and your fellow players have to work well together to solve all the problems, and tie those loose ends together.

With four levels in total, you will spend your three-course dinner wrecking your brain and finding out your team mates strengths. At the end? There’s a treasure waiting for you.


License Basis

How many people can play this game?
You can play this game with 3-6 other players.

For whom?
Event Locations, Event Agencies and Escape Rooms

The game has been developed for the Oculus GO/Oculus Quest

This game also has physical puzzles next to the VR section so everyone plays along during dinner.

The price is € 6.500 per year.

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