VR Time Traveler

Traveling through time is a dream for everyone. Something unreal. It was never possible, until today!!!

Step into the elevator and choose the era you’ve always wanted to go to. The old Egypt? No problem. Sitting at the table with the knights of the round table of King Arthur? Get in the elevator and experience it.

To return to the elevator and therefore to the current time, you just have to solve the puzzles in that era together with your friends. Is this not possible? Then you will stay behind in that era.


Exciting story

This is an extremely exciting story – it will make you feel like you’re truly experiencing traveling through the time.

This game is available in for the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest.

How many people can play this game?
2-200+ persones

For whom?
For those brave gamers who don’t worry dont getting back to the current time. Your friends needs to save you!

Price on request

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