VR Murder Hotel Game

Welcome to this fancy hotel, sit down and have a drink! But wait – what?! The hotel owner has been murdered! On his own territory. Will you solve the mystery?

More about this game:
Your company is warmly welcomed with a drink. You barely sit at the table when suddenly it appears that a crime has taken place under your eyes! The hotel owner is dead – and quite gruesomely so.

This is crazy – you all just arrived, and it’s still light out. It must have been one of the sneaky guests.. or YOU. Who has this brutal murder on their conscience and how did it happen?!

Step into this virtual world to find clues, solve tough puzzles and unravel the mystery. At the end of dinner, the truth will appear. Your answers will be reviewed and the winning teams will receive an appropriate gift. Thanks to you, this VR universe has become a bit safer again!

License Basis

How many people can play this game?
This game is suitable for 4 – 6 people.

For whom?
Event Locations, Event Agencies and Escape Rooms

The game has been developed for the Oculus Go/Oculus Quest

This game has real puzzles, so the pressure will be extra high.

Price on request

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