VR devices

At Galaxy Games, we prefer exciting experiences over anything else. Go on a ride with one of our special VR devices and discover tumbling rollercoasters, epic flights and swinging through the most amazing worlds!

See our devices below or check our events page for activations at your event.

VR Rollercoaster (with motion platform)

Experience the high peaks and fast tumbles of a roller coaster with our VR Rollercoaster. The device comes with a motion platform moving in all directions. Do you dare to hop on this extreme ride?

VR Delta Kite

Always wanted to fly? Collect your friends and float through cities, along beaches and over forests. The VR Delta Kite comes with our exclusive Multiplayer flight game. Set the fastest time and win!

VR Swing

Remember trying to go as high as possible on the swing in your backyard? Well – we know something that will beat this experience. Our unique VR swing has you swinging through the most awesome environments!