We are Galaxy Games

Huge gaming fans and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality enthusiasts, we couldn’t be more excited to jump into the multiple worlds available. So in 2016, we started Galaxy Games.

For years, we have been developing and perfecting our own VR/AR Games. These are mostly teambuilding games, where you’re challenged to work together as a team. We see players get thrilled, be surprised and laugh at their friends’ movements – it’s a good ride.

Are you also enthusiastic about offering VR / AR teambuilding games? Lucky you, you can offer our games on a license basis. Choose your game now!

Let me take you in our VR/AR World

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Multiplayer VR games

Gaming only for young people? Total nonsense! At Galaxy Games every member of the family can be dragged into the wonderful world of VR. We also have special games for children, for a children’s party never to be forgotten!

Passion for (VR) Games

Are you tired of boring bike rides or bowling sessions? VR games are the group activity of the future! Teambuilding & competition, laugh at each other’s hilarious actions or fight each other to determine which department is the strongest!

High end games

You might not expect it, but our games are super portable! This makes us easy to hire for events such as festivals and weddings. Give your party an extra dimension with VR!