AR Citygame: From Russia With Love

This is an exclusive game, mixing the real world and the virtual universe together. You and your team will be trained to save the world from its demise. Can you accomplish this ultimate mission?

More about this game:
Our AR Citygame is a real-life escape room experience, blended with a good dose of Augmented Reality! You and the other players will have to navigate a compelling story while solving challenging puzzles together.

This complex mission is carried out in the AR world and in real life, where you and your team will be looking at the brainteasers. With spectacular effects, this game will wiggle its way into your memory! Are you ready?

Game on license

How many people can play this game?
This AR City Game is for 5-8 people.

For whom?
For friends or colleagues who want to experience the latest technology and get all up in a good adventure!

The game has been developed for the Ipad model 2018

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